Muktinath Yatra From Pokhara

3 Days

Muktinath Yatra from Pokhara takes you on a short pilgrimage trip to the holy abode of Muktinath or Lord Vishnu. Fulfill your heart’s desire by taking this sacred Muktinath Yatra tour to attain ‘Moksha’ or salvation and free yourself from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Located in Mustang Region, the ancient and holy Muktinath Temple is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists. The temple is one among the 51 Hindu Shakti Peeths and a major Divya Desams of Vaishnavites (devotees of Lord Vishnu).

Muktinath Darshan Yatra is equally important for Buddhists. The temple is Chumig Gyasa (place of 100 waters) and the abode of Chenrezig or Avalokiteshwara for followers of Buddhism.

Surrounding the temple are 108 water spouts and bathing under them cleanses your sins. The temple lies in an area is known as Muktishetra. The sacred Kali Gandaki river, a source of the sacred ‘Saligrams’ or ammonites, flows below the temple.

Muktinath Yatra Route

Your sacred Muktinath Yatra from Pokhara begins with a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the Annapurna Range, Dhulagiri and Manaslu during the flight. After reaching Jomsom, you take a drive to Muktinath via Kagbeni. This section of the Muktinath Yatra is like an off-road adventure in a pure Himalayan landscape.

On reaching the settlement of Muktinath you check in at a local lodge and spend the night there. Next morning, wake up early and head to the temple. Offer your prayers and pay your respects at the shrine. Take a ritual bath at the 108 water spouts and cleanse yourself of all your sins. You can feel a strong spiritual vibe and lightness in your being as you leave the temple.

After your Yatra to Muktinath Temple you drive back to Jomsom. Explore this ancient town filled with traditional houses and neat alleys.

On the third day, fly back to Pokhara and enjoy a sightseeing tour in this lakeside city.

Muktinath Yatra Difficulty

This Muktinath Yatra of 3 days is short and easy to moderate and can be done by people of all ages. No lengthy or difficult trekking or walking is involved. The only concern is altitude as the temple is situated at a height of 3,800 metres. But if you are reasonably healthy with strong heart and lungs, Muktinath travel won’t be a problem for you.

Muktinath Yatra Itinerary

Day 1 :
Day 1

Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft)
Drive to Muktinath (3,800m/12,464ft) via Kagbeni
Duration: 25 minutes flight, 2 hours drive

Day 2 :
Day 2

Drive from Muktinath (3,800m/12,464ft) to Jomsom (2,700m/8,856ft)
Duration: 2 hours drive

Day 3 :
Day 3

Fly back to Pokhara (800m/2,635ft) & Pokhara sightseeing
Duration: 25 minutes flight

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Muktinath Yatra From Pokhara