Lower Dolpo Trek

14 Days

Lower Dolpo Trek takes you to the remote and isolated trekking region of Nepal. You will traverse Phoksundo lake, and Shey Phoksundo National Park in just 2 weeks. This trek is an exceptional opportunity to explore the mysterious land of Lower Dolpo and learn about Bon-Buddhist practices. Few enthusiastic trekkers have explored the secret charms of Lower Dolpo.

Shey Phoksundo National Park, established in 1984, is the only trans-Himalayan national park in Nepal. This national park is home to Phoksundo Lake at 3611.5m. Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake in Nepal and is one of the prominent features of Lower Dolpo Trek.

The park is home to some endangered animals like the snow leopard, grey wolf, musk deer, blue sheep, Goral, great Tibetan sheep, Himalayan tahr, leopard, jackal, and Himalayan black bear. If you’re lucky, you will spot the highest flying butterfly in the world, Paralasa nepalaica. Not to mention, this park is heaven for birdwatching as it is home to more than 200 species of birds.

The Lower Dolpa Trek route leads up the off-the-beaten-path to Phoksunda Lake and crosses over three high passes: Kangmara La (5115m), Numa La (5159m), and Baga La at (5190m). The trail passes through quaint villages, deep gorges, Buddhist monasteries, Tibetan plateau, and arid landscapes. En route, share the trail with yaks laden with trading items of salt, cotton, barley, and rice.

The people of Dolpo have a unique lifestyle and still practices Tibetan Buddhism, known as the ‘Bon Po.’ The ever-welcoming gesture of the local people of Lower Dolpo will surely entice you. Rest assured that you will love the local people, their culture, and the laidback lifestyle.

Lower Dolpo Trek Route

This marvelous adventure to lower Dolpo starts with an early afternoon flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. The next day, you will fly to Juphal. Once you get off the plane, you will gear up and hit the trail to Dunai. It shouldn’t take you more than 3 hours to arrive in Dunai from Jhupal. The trail descends and passes through small villages. Trek for 6 hours, through the streets of Dunai, crossing the bridge over the Bheri River. En route, you will encounter fluttering prayer flags, cascading waterfalls, and lush vegetation and catch the glimpses of Tibetan culture.

Leaving Dunai, you will walk through rocky slopes dotted with pine trees. Follow the trail along Thuli Bheri River, cross the Buddhist village Byasgar, and reach Dho Tarap. Walk for a few hours, and you will reach Lingdo. Your next stop will be Laina Odar. The path gradually ascends and passes several mani walls and Chortens. You will cross a large suspension bridge and indulge in a strenuous climb for about 3 hours to reach Laina Odar.

The trail further stretches to Nawarpani, Sisaul, and Dho Tarap before arriving in Numala Base Camp at 4440m. En route to Numala Base Camp, you will explore Tokyu (4209m), the world’s highest permanent settlement.

On the 9th day, you will ascend to Danigar. It’s a long climb of about 3 hours to Numa La at 5318m. On a clear day, you can admire the stunning views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu Range, Kanjirowa, and surrounding peaks.

Furthermore, you will climb to Yak Kharka. The trail bestows spectacular views of Norbung Kang, the Baga La range, Kanjirowa, and Shey Shikhar. From Yak Kharka, you will head to Phoksundo Lake. The trail to the lake meanders through beautiful pine forests and meadows. Phoksunda Lake is one of the major highlights of this trek. The deep-blue and emerald hues and spectacular scenery of this lake attract hundreds of avid trekkers every year.

You will explore Chhekpa via Rechi on the 12th day. The trail meanders through pine and birch forests. The next day, on your way to Juphal, you will descend through a forested trail and dry landscape. Walk past beautiful villages like Sangta and Kageni. Cross a suspension bridge and trek for about 3 hours, and you will reach Juphal.

On the last day, you will bid goodbye to beautiful villages and mountains and fly back to Kathmandu.

Lower Dolpo Trek Difficulty

Lower Dolpo Trek is a moderate to difficult trek suitable for all age groups. If you are looking for a challenging trek in an isolated trekking route, then this trek is the best trek for you. If you are in good health and high altitude trekkers, you can do this trek.

If you are concerned about trekking hours, 5-6 hours is the minimum trekking hours. On a challenging day, you must trek for 7-8 hours. The highest elevation marked during the trek is 5318m.

Travel unspoiled hidden treasure of Lower Dolpo with Nepal Trek Routes to discover the unscathed beauty of the isolated Himalayan kingdom.

Lower Dolpo Trek Itinerary

Day 1 :
Day 1

Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj
Duration: 1-hour flight

Day 2 :
Day 2

Fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m) and trek to Dunai (2140m)
Duration: 2-3 hours

Day 3 :
Day 3

Trek from Dunai to Lingdo (2391m)
Duration: 5-6 hours

Day 4 :
Day 4

Trek from Lingdo to Laina Odar (3370m)
Duration: 6-7 hours

Day 5 :
Day 5

Trek from Laina Odar to Nawarpani (3475m)
Duration: 4-5 hours

Day 6 :
Day 6

Trek from Nawarpani to Sisaul (3750m)
Duration: 3-4 hours

Day 7 :
Day 7

Trek from Sisaul to Dho Tarap (4080m)
Duration: 4-5 hours

Day 8 :
Day 8

Trek from Dho Tarap to Numala Base Camp (4440m)
Duration: 3-4 hours

Day 9 :
Day 9

Trek from Numala Base Camp to Danigar (4631m) via Numa La (Pass) (5318m)
Duration: 6-7 hours

Day 10 :
Day 10

Trek from Danigar to Yak Kharka (3982m) via Baga La (5190m)
Duration: 6-7 hours

Day 11 :
Day 11

Trek from Yak Kharka to Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3733m)
Duration: 2-3 hours

Day 12 :
Day 12

Trek from Phoksundo Lake to Chhepka (2838m) via Rechi (2940m)
Duration: 7-8 hours

Day 13 :
Day 13

Trek from Chhepka to Juphal (2475m)
Duration: 5-6 hours

Day 14 :
Day 14

Fly to Kathmandu

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Lower Dolpo Trek
  • Trekking & Hiking
  • Moderate to Difficult
  • 5318m/17447
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • 1-12

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