Bhairav Kunda Trek

10 Days

Bhairav Kunda Trek is a marvelous adventure to a sacred mountain lake named ‘Bhairav Kunda’ at 4150m. Hindus, Buddhists, and Shamans visit and pay homage to this lake especially during the month of Bhadra (August) every year. Bhairav Kunda Lake is believed to possess mythical power-devotees bath in it to wash away sins. The word ‘Bhairav’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which attributes to the ferocious form of Lord Shiva, and ‘Kunda’ means pond.

The trek route of Bhairav Kunda is newly opened and gaining popularity lately. The Kunda, located in Sindhupalchok district, is one of Nepal’s remarkable landmarks near the Tibetan border. It flaunts pristine lakes, splendid mountain scenery, and incredible landscapes to be explored in just a couple of days.

Expect to stop at villages of Brahmins, Chhetris, and Newars. Indulge in their enticing lifestyle and gain insights into their tradition and culture. Their warm hospitality will be one of a kind experience for you.

The trail passes through verdant rhododendron and pine forests, lush vegetation, serene valleys, green hills, and dramatic landscapes. En route to Bhairav Kunda, you will encounter beautiful waterfalls, small streams, Newar villages, nomad houses for cattle, and a variety of wildlife.

Jalbire, Chanaute, Khani Gaun, Forest Camp, Pati, Bhairav Kunda, Sherpa Gaun, and Larche are the notable landmarks of this trek. En route, enjoy extraordinary scenes, and cultural variety. Marvel at the astounding views of Rolwaling range, Dorje Lakpa (6966m), Madiya (6257m), Phurbi Ghhyachu (6637m), Jugal Himal, and Tibetan Himalayan range. Discover Tibetan plateaus and Glaciers, and explore picturesque villages of Chanaute, Khani Gaon, Forest Camp, and Pati.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Route

The trail starts and ends in Kathmandu. A scenic 5-hour drive from Kathmandu to Jalbire is the perfect start of this adventure. Jalbire lies at the bank of the Balefi River and is the first resting ground of this trek. Wake up early and hit the trail to Chanaute. You will be trekking for 4-5 hours on this day, through beautiful villages. On the way, discover small streams and waterfalls.

On the 3rd day, you will traverse a narrow trail, and the walk is a bit challenging as you follow uphill steeps. After a few hours of trek, you will be at Khani Gaun. Khani Gaun is a Newar village. Here you will get to know about Newari culture and lifestyle.

The next day, you will embark on a rewarding side-trips in Khani Gaun. This day helps you to acclimatize. Explore local grandeur and immerse in the local lifestyle. Continue through the steep uphill trail under the canopy of rhododendron forests. Be attentive as you might encounter beautiful birds and many wild animals.

Your next destination is Pati at 3765m. Today’s trek is a bit more technical and challenging. You will walk through steep rocky trails, and after a couple of hours of ascending, you will be at Pati. Stay overnight in tented camps.

On the 7th day, you will reach Bhairav Kunda. Ascend uphills and follow the trail to Bhairav Kunda. It should not take you more than 4 hours to be there. The incredible sight of the mountains greets you. Your team will set up a camp for overnight. After enjoying quality time at Bhairav Kunda, you will descend to Sherpa Gaun.

But before that, you will admire the stunning sunrise view of mountains, including Langtang, Jugal Himal, Rolwaling, and the Tibetan Range from Bhairav Kunda viewpoint. You then savor breakfast and head toward Sherpa Gaun, through the bank of Bhote Khosi.

On the last day, you will end the trip by driving back to Kathmandu.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Difficulty

Bhairav Kunda trek is an easy to moderate trek, suitable for all age group. Autumn and Spring are the best time of the year to visit and pay reverence to Bhairav Kunda. All age groups and first-time trekkers can also trek to Bhairav Kunda.

The highest elevation of this trek is 4250m. An adventure to Bhairav Kunda demands at least 4-5 hours of trekking. And on a challenging day, you should walk for 6-7 hours.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Itinerary

Day 1 :
Day 1

Drive from Kathmandu to Jalbire (1000m/3280ft) (82km)
Duration: 3-4 hours drive

Day 2 :
Day 2

Trek from Jalbire to Chanaute (1350m/4429ft)
Duration: 4-5 hours trek

Day 3 :
Day 3

Trek from Chanaute to Khani Gaun (2010m/6594ft)
Duration: 5-6 hours trek

Day 4 :
Day 4

Acclimatization day at Khani Gaun

Day 5 :
Day 5

Trek from Khani Gaun to Forest Camp (3150m/10334ft)
Duration: 6-7 hours trek

Day 6 :
Day 6

Trek from Forest Camp to Pati (3765m/12352ft)
Duration: 5-6 hours trek

Day 7 :
Day 7

Trek from Pati to Bhairav Kunda (4250m/13943ft)
Duration: 3-4 hours trek

Day 8 :
Day 8

After Sunrise view trek from Bhairav Kunda to Sherpa Gaun (2500m/8202ft)
Duration: 6-7 hours trek

Day 9 :
Day 9

Trek from Sherpa Gaun to Larche (1500m/4921ft) and visit Hot Spring
Duration: 4-5 hours trek

Day 10 :
Day 10

Drive from Larche to Kathmandu (115 Km)
Duration: 5-6 hours drive

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Bhairav Kunda Trek